Projecting 8bytes Cafe

Trying to make a quality video can be a little more difficult once people are involved in the process. This assignment requests that a journalistic or promotional style video should be made about a local event or location using interviews. For this the new local bar and restaurant 8bytes seemed like a good choice. 8bytes was the result of a local arcade closing down. After a short while, regulars from the arcade got together and decided to make a bar and arcade with board games. This was the narrative that would be interesting to cover.

Making an edited video is something that is rather new, which is why I did mostly the videotaping aspect. It was good to be able to use a unique local business that has a story behind it. The other thing that was convenient was being able to communicate over email rather than meeting several times.

On the other hand, it was a slow process trying to set up times to filming as everyone was rather busy to do interviews or shoot B-roll. It was also frustrating to have to borrow video equipment whenever filming needed to be done. This is a time of year where college students are busy, but it was easy to work with only one other person.

It was a bit of a shock to find out how much light it took to make a video to look like it had a regular amount of light. The most surprising part was how easy it was to coordinate for something like this. With the video it would have been nice to have a decent video recording device as well as some experience in video editing. For example one of the interviews was taken in portrait style whereas other shots were in landscape view.

It is fun to attempt at looking in the world trying to think of different ways to frame the aesthetics of the area. If there was ever a need to get good equipment and start doing this in a career, it would probably be a rewarding experience, but the equipment is the key.

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