Live Tweeting Life

For the past week the University of Wyoming has been hosting Women Playing Hamlet, a play written by a local theater professor. The play humorously critiques Shakespeare’s Hamlet through the character Jessica, a passionate actor who wants to learn Hamlet. The narrative does not progress much, but pokes fun at stereotypes of people who do theater. The first time viewing the play was Thursday night, but the live-tweeting was done Friday night after permission to do so was granted.

The play was a very exciting event for the University of Wyoming, this was apparent by the sheer number of people there both nights. Most university sponsored plays have seats left to fill. The play itself was funny depending on how much someone knew about the original Hamlet. The play was interactive with the audience so getting permission to do this assignment was easy. People would ask the actors questions during the show and could get a response.

All of actors in the play seemed skilled with an in-depth knowledge the lines of the other actors, but the plot had no progression. The lack of a narrative makes the play drag on longer than it actually is.

The regret with using Women Playing Hamlet was it was framed as an interactive comedy event, but with it being a play it made it awkward to live-tweet. The surprising thing was the play was an analysis of Hamlet and because of that went into a lot of the nuance in playing Hamlet.

This was an interesting experience with being completely unfamiliar with Twitter, but while also being experience in other social media platforms. Social media is the most direct and broad platform for reaching people, even though it is a fairly recent development. In the future social media will likely be more pervasive and developed; a communication career without social media will be impossible.

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