Sweat The Small Stuff

Editing audio is a tedious and satisfying progress where obsessing over small details is encouraged. Trying to cut down something that works well uncut by over half of its time is difficult.

Having used other audio editing programs, Audacity has familiar layouts and simple design. Although it may be easy to get started, it becomes easy to get lost in cutting out small pieces and verbal pauses.

Learning how to use this program is entertaining on its own. Trying the various settings to change something is exciting when done correctly, but this can often lead to frustration. It was difficult to try cut overly loud noise breaks and cutting the background sound.

Using other recorded audio of the background and then using it cut the background of interview proved ineffective. The recorded background removed sound when there was no other sound. The audio recording app on the cell phone would have a slightly different sound when someone was speaking. Solving that problem would require a better device or more than basic understanding of recording.

Turning a 5-minute interview that was functional on its own into a more concise 2-minute story was overall very rewarding. The process of tedium was only enjoyable after it was over.

The ease of use with the Audacity program was surprising. Other programs, like Reaper, have a lot more features, but have no guidance to understanding the basic components. Audacity seems to be the preferable program for doing basic audio editing easily.

The other thing that was surprising was how difficult it was to convert WAV audio into mp4 audio. The converting program that was quick at first, but then didn’t email the file back properly afterward.

The most troubling part of the audio recording and editing process was the disappointing recording ability of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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