Path of a College Student

Interviewing is a stressful event, but it is also an art. It requires the interviewer to guide the conversation in a way that can get someone to tell a story. For this interview Michael Lebeck asked about his academic journey and here is what he had to say.

Having an audio recorder for the interview was helpful in keeping the conversation on task. Some interviews in the past have not gone well due to some nervousness and being too informal. It was also positive that the interviewee was aware of the need for thoroughly answered questions.

For someone who’s an introvert the thought of approaching anybody and talking to them can be intimidating. This made coming up with questions and have the control of the conversation more uneasy than answering the questions themselves. The is more certainty in being asked questions than answering them, one should know how they should respond.

Both interviews went well for accomplishing the task at hand and having a pleasant conversation.The awareness around both people understanding the assignment made it much easier for the interviewer on either side. Only a few questions were asked with at least a full minute of speech for each one.

It was naturally uncomfortable to have a conversation with someone without giving those verbal cues like “yeah” and “uh-huh.” On the other hand, the conversation was effective and concise. When both people know what to do it makes the a potentially stressful experience enjoyable.

As positive of a conversation it was, there were a few missteps in hindsight. The room the interviews were in had an echo that is noticeable on the recording. The echos were more prominent on  side of the room where the interviewer was. The other problem was a typical topic choice of the academic journey of a college student, rather than a more creative story.


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