Daily Grind Feature

On a weekend visit to the Greybull, Wyoming area, people hurried to get their daily tasks done before the businesses closed. The purpose of these photos is to present what it is really like to live in a small town taken with a candid style.

The Beginning Boxer 

Josie Austin making the best of the cold and some pre-workout by practicing her swing on a Friday Evening!

This photo was taken on the campus of Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming on the evening of Oct. 7. Wandering around the snowy campus was rather lonely. People wanting to do something on campus would only do that in doors. The normally empty room was filled with people running, cycling, boxing, and playing basketball. None of these folks had the spirit or had given consent to take their photo like Josie did in this sports feature.

“The dogs walk me”

This Greybull resident walks her dogs down the middle of the street before the snow comes

Pictured here is Katrina Clarke on Oct. 8 walking her dogs in Greybull, Wyoming. Residents of Greybull, Wyoming aren’t concerned about vehicles since their aren’t many any way or stop signs too.

Winter is coming

Finishing up her route Barbara is happy to be done!

In rain or shine, in sleet or, more likely, snow, Barbara Wirtzberger tries to finish her route has the snow begins to fall on Oct. 8. In small towns like Greybull, people will deliver the mail based on strategy over consistency.

Grocery Store Banter

Only grocery store for miles around is booming with business!

In a rural areas, grocery stores are the lifeblood for nearby residents. Taken on Oct. 8, Jackie Fisk (left) and Marie Crichton (right) talk about their grandchildren and the hopelessness of humankind.

Reading shouldn’t need batteries

Head Librarian, Tina Ely organizes books for the regular patrons

At the Greybull Library on Oct. 8, this librarian tries her best to get more people to read books. She believes that books have an extra layer of depth that can’t be found in other media.

“Besides, the internet here is shameful, good luck trying to download something” Tina Ely laughs as she departs.

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