A Bouquet of News

My news diet consists of either radio or new media content. I often don’t find myself watching cable news programming as I don’t have cable. I grew up watching satirical news programming with Stephen Colbert or John Stewart. However, I still watch Stephen Colbert on YouTube for the entertaining and blunt way of talking about politics.

Most of the news I get is not entertaining in the traditional sense. However, learning more about a current event or a controversial topic is entertaining to me.  When I am busy working on something tedious, I will listen to news. I prefer National Public Radio, they get to the point and have a short, productive conversation. NPR is the most unbiased source I listen to.

Other sources I use include are Reason TV, The Associated Press, The Guardian, and Secular Talk with Kyle Kulinski to name a few. I know some of these sources are obviously biased, but at least I recognize it. These types of sources give a certain perspective that I appreciate. With all of these sources together I am getting a flight of different perspectives.

I try and get my news from three different perspectives to try and challenge my own beliefs. I like to hear the establishment news perspective on something. Then I like to hear from a libertarian and progressive perspective, all of which contest each other.

I often enjoy talking to others about current events and politics, primarily for the sake of cynicism. I also do it to learn more about how people think. This can backfire because a lot of people are sensitive about issues in politics. Friends will usually talk politics with me, but I will talk to almost anybody.

Growing up in a deeply red state being light green and outspoken people are usually going to disagree with me on most issues. I grew up with both parents having opposite political views. This is positive for someone like me who enjoys “stirring the pot.” When beliefs are challenged, people can gain a more realistic sense of the world.

There are some improvements I could make, but likely will not, to the media I consume. I should follow networks like CNN or MSNBC. I find it takes more time just to learn less from this type of news. This does mean I lag behind when something newsworthy happens.

The first step in dealing with your bias is to admit you have a problem.

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